Below you’ll find information about my working relationship with many of the brands, products and services I feature on Mar Gone Wild. Since it’s written in “super official” third-person (I was told that’s better when it comes to legal stuff) I thought I’d first take a moment to personally write this .  .  . 


When I started Mar Gone Wild I made myself and my little blog baby a promise: Mama Mar wouldn’t become a sellout.


More specifically, I didn’t want Mar Gone Wild to become one of those sites with a bunch of flashing ads everywhere. And I sure as heck didn’t want to feature a bunch of ads that contradicted what this space is suppose to be about. 


The truth is if I could have my cake and eat it too there would be no ads, no affiliate links and no sponsored posts on Mar Gone Wild. And I’d only ever feature stuff I innately wanted to blab about (but a girl’s gotta eat and feed her digital baby).


So I’ve done my best to compromise without compromising what I pride myself in most, which is keeping Mar Gone Wild real, honest and relevant to its visitors. 


Yes, you will find some content on here that’s been “paid” for. But I promise I’ve worked (and will continue to work) really hard to try and maintain a quality over quantity approach to Mar Gone Wild’s advertising and sponsorships.


A couple of the ways I’ve been able to accomplish this are by doing some of the work the old-fashioned way (like selling ad space directly as often as possible) and offering affiliates more bang for their buck (with high quality media production and niche brand marketing).


By putting in the extra work I’m able to be more selective when it comes to my affiliate relationships, which I ultimately hope translates in a better, more meaningful Mar Gone Wild experience for you.






Mar Gone Wild LLC (“Mar Gone Wild”) maintains a variety of commercial/financial relationships with a number of the companies whose brand, products and/or services may appear on its blogging website: (the “Site”). In turn, the owner(s) of Mar Gone Wild may be compensated (monetarily or on trade/gratis, etc.) to promote and/or provide reviews/opinion(s) for such brands, products and/or services (hereinafter referred to as an “Affiliate Relationship”). 


In in effort to maintain Mar Gone Wild’s commitment to transparency, the Site will clearly and consistently disclose any such Affiliate Relationship associated with its content. 


Types of Affiliate Relationships found on the Site include, but are not limited to:


Affiliate Links 


Many of the Site’s links to outside brands’ websites, products and/or services earn Mar Gone Wild a commission if you take some sort of action (i.e. purchase a product, make a booking, subscribe, etc.) after clicking it. Specifically, a number of such links are associated with the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program— an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 


Sponsored Content + Ambassadorship 


Examples include, but are not limited to: blog posts, videos and other content (such as that posted on social media) that feature a brand, product and/or service in exchange for compensation (monetarily or on trade/gratis, etc.). 


While it is safe to assume that mosts third-party links and other in-content promotion found on the Site are representative of an Affiliate Relationship, please note that the Site may feature certain brands, products and/or services simply because its owner(s)/author(s) choose to feature them based on personal, noncommercial interest. 


With that said, the Site’s visitors will always be made aware of any Affiliate Relationship in a clear and direct manner. 


*Exceptions to the above mentioned include media projects (such as travel videos and/or conservation films) that include sponsorship and/or affiliation information in the production credits. 







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